Albuquerque will try to build a new soccer stadium for the 12th time thanks to support from fake groups

Over the last few years, the New Mexico United owners have really increased how often they push for a new stadium. But when you read old stories of these pushes, it is odd how often AHC is somehow involved in it. The team began play in 2018, but actually started their stadium push in 2020. In that same year, the city of Albuquerque released their yearly “Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy”. This report took input from several local groups. Yes, one of them was a member of the AHC. The report says that the city's plans for boosting tourism that year involved developing “a downtown soccer stadium, and other facilities that draw visitors for specific sports”. When one of your yearly objectives is to “Support a stadium in Albuquerque for the NM United soccer team”, it isn't hard to see what side of the fence you are on in this issue. What about strategies to expand the culture and history of the local area? “Support (for) NM Stadium” is the report's answer, among other things.


Philadelphia 76ers pinky swear they will prioritize minorities even more

The idea that this Philadelphia 76ers deal can be looked at as privately funded is crazy. Nobody can say whether this project is actually privately funded until all the details of the project are released by the team. We don't know who is paying for the land where the new arena would sit. Furthermore, the 76ers still intend to demand a “tax increment financing deal” that would cut their property tax rates and allow them to take taxpayer money to fund the construction.


The Buffalo Bills forgot to involve minorities and locals when building their stadium. Whoops.

The Buffalo Bills public answer to all of this continues to be part laughable and part tone-deaf. On one hand, they continue to put out this idiotic PR language that just makes them look like idiots. The construction group for the stadium told the Buffalo News that, contrary to almost all evidence currently, they are in fact “working a well-developed plan.


Buffalo Bills exec promises that, unlike last stadium, developers will flock to the new one

Last year, New York lawmakers gave the Buffalo Bills $850 million dollars in taxpayer money to help the NFL team build a new stadium. The New York Legislature managed to craft one of the worst stadium deals in recent memory. The $850 million dollar figure does NOT include a significant number of subsidies such as maintenance costs and property tax exemptions. Therefore, the bill will likely be at minimum $1 billion. Then again, since the deal was agreed upon last year, the price of it has already gone up 10%, so it could be even higher.