The Las Vegas Review-Journal claims the Oakland A’s will “boost” their economy, increase tourism & give city additional dollars.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal went after these teachers for their political action committee. According to the newspaper, the teachers are simply “blinded by its misguided opposition”. I was interested to see what the newspaper would say as to why the teachers were wrong. Instead, the Las Vegas Review-Journal uses the same arguments that have been disproven numerous times.


Sacramento Kings arena is losing money. MLS keeps turning down city expansion efforts. Mayor thinks more sports teams would help

Did we mention that San Diego, the city who did win the expansion team, paid a $500 million expansion fee? That is three times what their proposed stadium was supposed to cost. Yikes. The mayor also seems to enjoy telling the public how much he is doing behind the scenes. He can't just tell us because...he can't. He told the Sacramento Bee that when it comes to whether Sacramento will get an MLS team, the mayor wishes that he “could tell you and the public everything, but I can't”. What about possibly getting an MLB team? The A's? He can't tell us this either but know that he talked “with people who are very involved in these questions”.


Las Vegas, be careful with Oakland A’s owner, John Fisher because he will NOT SPEND MONEY

The A's are trying to get at least $500 million in taxpayer money for the new ballpark. As the Independent points out, that alone is slightly lower than the total amount that the city of Las Vegas brings in YEARLY from gaming taxes. The Oakland A’s believe that they are worth this money because they will bring in “400,000 new tourists to Las Vegas”. This is crazy. The A's would not bring in anywhere near this number of visitors. Based on airline issues alone with Las Vegas, making half this number would be an achievement. But maybe the A's could pull it off, considering they were dead last in attendance last year and are the lowest so far in 2023.

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Las Vegas seems addicted to handing over taxpayer money to sports teams

Las Vegas has tried several times to lure a Major League Soccer (MLS) team here with taxpayer funded options. In 2015, MLS passed on putting a new team in Las Vegas due to questions and issues about the proposed new and publicly funded stadium.

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Owners love to give deadlines for new stadiums. They mean nothing.

In fact, the Florida Marlins would stay at their place for several more years and win a World Series in Sun Life Stadium. It wasn't until 2009 that they were able to screw-over or con or get Miami to give them at least $300 million in taxpayer money for a new ballpark. Opps, I meant to say $500 million in taxpayer money.