Albuquerque will try to build a new soccer stadium for the 12th time thanks to support from fake groups

Over the last few years, the New Mexico United owners have really increased how often they push for a new stadium. But when you read old stories of these pushes, it is odd how often AHC is somehow involved in it. The team began play in 2018, but actually started their stadium push in 2020. In that same year, the city of Albuquerque released their yearly “Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy”. This report took input from several local groups. Yes, one of them was a member of the AHC. The report says that the city's plans for boosting tourism that year involved developing “a downtown soccer stadium, and other facilities that draw visitors for specific sports”. When one of your yearly objectives is to “Support a stadium in Albuquerque for the NM United soccer team”, it isn't hard to see what side of the fence you are on in this issue. What about strategies to expand the culture and history of the local area? “Support (for) NM Stadium” is the report's answer, among other things.


Oregon State lawmakers reject $20M request by Hillsboro Hops. Team now says city should pay that money

The Hillsboro Hops are a minor league baseball team, affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks, in Hillsboro, Oregon. Just outside of Portland. Much like they are doing in most cities with a minor league team, Major League Baseball has told Hillsboro city leaders that their minor league teams will leave town if substantial upgrades or a new ballpark are not completed. I could post 1000 links of stories all over the country where a city is being told to upgrade or else by MLB. Here is one anyway. Then last week, stories began coming out of MLB requiring Hillsboro to upgrade the ballpark or else.


Vancouver’s mayor plays the quiet game when asked about World Cup expenses

Last year, 16 cities, including Seattle and Vancouver, were selected to be hosts for the 2026 World Cup matches. Then FIFA told every city to just shut up if anyone asked about expenses. FIFA was tired of answering questions from cities. It is well-known that the hosting cities are expected to pay most of the costs. But when cities like Chicago, Vancouver and Minneapolis tried to get a basic level of certainty on some major unknowns, FIFA ignored them. Cities had to decide whether they could figure out a number of huge and unpredictable costs without FIFA help.


Why is Albuquerque’s mayor trying to build a new soccer stadium for the 50th time?h

The mayor of Albuquerque wants a soccer stadium. He wants it badly. Since 2021, he has been begging city leaders and the public to let him help New Mexico United build a new stadium with taxpayer money. Two years ago, he finally got the city to put up a stadium proposition for a public vote. He spent weeks begging residents to approve the proposal.


Remember all of the promises made about the Wichita Ballpark and surrounding area?

After the city of Wichita and the ownership group came to an agreement behind closed doors, numerous months passed. During this time, the city began to tear down the old ballpark and began to build the new one. Keep in mind that at this moment, residents still had no idea what the city had agreed to in this deal.


Sacramento Kings arena is losing money. MLS keeps turning down city expansion efforts. Mayor thinks more sports teams would help

Did we mention that San Diego, the city who did win the expansion team, paid a $500 million expansion fee? That is three times what their proposed stadium was supposed to cost. Yikes. The mayor also seems to enjoy telling the public how much he is doing behind the scenes. He can't just tell us because...he can't. He told the Sacramento Bee that when it comes to whether Sacramento will get an MLS team, the mayor wishes that he “could tell you and the public everything, but I can't”. What about possibly getting an MLB team? The A's? He can't tell us this either but know that he talked “with people who are very involved in these questions”.


The 49ers forgot to tell Santa Clara about their stadium renovations

Recently, the San Francisco 49ers announced plans to renovate 170 stadium suites. The cost is expected to be potentially "eight-figure(s)" according to team officials and will include no public funding as the money will come from their capital expenditure budget. The team expects construction to be done over the next two years.