San Francisco 49ers continue to find new ways of screwing over Santa Clara

Santa Clara continues to claim that the 49ers are hiding financial information from the city. A civil grand report from last year claims that the city of Santa Clara hadn't seen any revenue from…events in six years nor have they seen any money from…events from the stadium's most recent fiscal year. When it was announced last year that a report was being done by a civil grand jury, the 49ers responded with an unusual act of having a 49ers executive follow, investigate and harass the jurors.

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Teams continue to make millions yet want their property taxes slashed

The city assessed the property value where the arena was built along with surrounding developments at $1.7 billion for tax purposes. The Warriors are asking the city to lower that assessment by just a little.....a billion dollars, that is. The Warriors believe the property value is at $706 million for 2022, which is $1 billion less than the city's value and would save the team over $11 million in property taxes for 2022.


The 49ers forgot to tell Santa Clara about their stadium renovations

Recently, the San Francisco 49ers announced plans to renovate 170 stadium suites. The cost is expected to be potentially "eight-figure(s)" according to team officials and will include no public funding as the money will come from their capital expenditure budget. The team expects construction to be done over the next two years.